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Words from Monita Yick

Founder and Managing Director, EGI

For those new to our site, I am pleased to introduce you to EGI. For old friends returning to see what we have been up to, I welcome you back with enthusiasm.

As I reflect on the furniture industry’s trajectory in recent years, I feel that we are entering unchartered territory. As someone who spent an entire career representing commercial furnishings, I have witness enormous changes over the past three decades. I have seen a new generation completely turn the way we work around. The internet with its slew of social media options has quickened the pace of life considerably. The cubicles of the 1980s and 1990s have all but disappeared for most businesses, to be replaced by casual, domestic-inspired settings that foster communication and spontaneous interaction.

I have to admit that these are challenging times. Yet we firmly stand by our philosophy that challenge strengthens business acumen. Our carefully sourced products are the facets that make up a sustainably stylish environment, and we offer a committed level of service to ensure that they perform consistently well over time. We continue to listen to your needs and wishes, and continue to fine-tune our collection to suit how you function today. We keep our ears to the ground, listening for new opportunities in previously untapped regions that are opening and growing. We believe that our way of business never goes out of fashion, as it is based on mutual trust and on-going communication.

Whether you happened upon our site or are a regular client, we look forward to hearing from you. Tell us what you think about how you work and live today. Better still, come by our Morrison Hill showroom for a cup of tea. We would be happy to demonstrate our products and how they best work in your surrounds.

Monita Yick